viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

Adios to 2012 !

With the Summer season fairly flying by, before we knew it, Winter was upon us, (well, technically the Winter months, as  apart from a blip in November, the jolly old Andalucian sun did NOT really cease shining!) So, we packed away our dusters, mops and other house and pool paraphanalia, ready to settle down to a nice Winter Siesta!

Part of the AR family management team (Eileen and Trevor) waving goodbye to their tools for another Year!

And, as the season of good will approached, we found the  usual quiet time to  reflect on our Year gone by, the new guests and old friends we have met, the ups and downs of  the world of holiday rentals!  One particularly quirky incident was that of Los Petates and the deep seas diver - to the rescue!

Sue´s brother, Phil,a qualified diving instructor, seen here, taking an unscheduled break from his Summer holiday, in order to carry out some tricky underwater tiling to replace some small mosaic tiles that had lifted at the bottom of the pool!  All sorted in the flip of a fin, ready for our new  arrivals to enjoy.....Just goes to show you never know when, in the heart of the Andalucian mountains, an underwater diver and his breathing apparatus might come in handy! (Cheers Phil, sorry we had to get you out of bed so early for that one!)

Continuing the quirky theme, a slightly different take on nest building, perched on an outside lantern under the terrace!
Not sure if this lot have found Terry´s secret stash of cider!!  Hmm, think I will go and check!

Hasta luego

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