domingo, 24 de junio de 2012



Last night Spain won the football match,  (thank goodness for something cheery amongst all the euro gloom and doom) and down on the coast, celebrations centred around aimiable gatherings on the beach to join in the fiesta of San Juan, where traditionally at midnight you jump over coals, (beach bbq will do!) and then head for the sea!  Followed by much merriment, eating drinking, singing and dancing, you get the picture!   Meanwhile back at Casa Los Petates and Finca Manolo there is a graceful timeless air of  quietude and of  being slightly  above all that fuss, as countrylife meanders on without hustle or bustle!

The weekend, for us, began at Los Petates, where we prepared the house for old timers J and K (amount of previous visits, not their age!) who arrive today.  I know they are looking forward to some well earned R & R and Los Petates gleamed  proudly in the afternoon sun, when we eventually left, as if in anticipation of welcoming back old friends. Well, Ok, houses really don´t  have emotions, but I am tricked into believing they do have character!

Then, inspite of the heat, (note to all Summer visitors yet to come, you really do NOT
need to pack many clothes at this time of Year!) we trundled along to Finca Manolo (with a pool clean in mind - it´s not all sun and sangria you know!)  to greet yet another couple of old faithfuls (David when you read this back home, this IS mean´t as an endearment!)  where it would have been churlish to refuse the  immediately proffered and wonderfully chilled  glass of rioja and downright ungrateful to dismiss the top up! 

So, all is calm on our mountain and we are gladdened to see old friends again; to know that we are  in some small way part of the  restorative process that our dear Andalucian homes bestow.

Bravo y viva España! 
Until next time. Hasta luego!

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