viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

Bienvenido 2013! Sun and Snow!

Happy New Year to All!  Feliz año nuevo !

Back on diets now, ( including the cats!) after Navidad, which  seems to go on a little longer here, from 24th December to the day of the Kings on 6th January its one long holiday/round of parties - for those with the stamina!      ;)     But in fairness there´s no obvious air of commercialism, which suits us just fine!
January, so far, has been a bonus of warm sunny days and clear starry nights. The almonds are in glorious blossom; when we open the front door the sweet bubblegum fragrance is all embracing!

A good time now, to try to tackle the garden............. AND start  on the maintenance list before our holiday season begins again in earnest.   Before that however, in deference to  the manaña syndrome which  it just would not be nice to ignore (!) we took a trip upto the Sierra Nevada..... hats, double socks, gloves and extra fleeces.... it was a great day, exhilarating, exploring another world, and believe it or not, the first time we have been there in the winter time.  Oodles of powdery snow under a bright blue sky, people of all ages on skis and snowboards................. we are inspired and have booked a lesson for next week, all being well ! 
Sierra Nevada last Sunday, approx 2500m above sea level
Wish us luck!!
Until next time, hasta luego!

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